Sen. Webber appeals for consideration of FOIA clarifying legislation

Sen. Webber appeals for consideration of FOIA clarifying legislation

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Michael Webber on Thursday urged the Michigan Senate to take up his bill to clarify what and who is covered under the Freedom of Information Act as a case involving a Rochester Community Schools teacher continues to unfold in court.

“My bill would expand access to information to meet what the citizens already believe is covered under the current law. Parents have demanded accountability from their schools, and I am listening,” said Webber, R-Rochester Hills.

“No parent should be denied access to what is being taught inside the classroom. We must support parents and provide them with greater awareness and accountability when it comes to their children’s education.”

Webber first introduced Senate Bill 154 in March 2023 following a shocking Oakland County Circuit Court ruling that found a union member teacher’s class curriculum was not accountable to FOIA, despite the educator being an employee of a public school system. The case remains ongoing through the appeals process.

State Rep. Mark Tisdel also introduced a companion House Bill 4220 to provide for the same increased transparency in government.

“Classroom curriculum in our public schools is a product of taxpayer investment,” said Tisdel, R-Rochester Hills. “How those tax dollars are used in educating our students should be out in the open for everyone to see.”

SB 154 has remained before the Senate Committee on Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety since its introduction. HB 4220 was referred to the House Committee on Judiciary for further consideration.


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